Consulting + Planning

Design & Planning for Ecological Regeneration

for the entire process of what, where, when & how…Integrating the framework of Holistic Management for making effective development & investment decisions in alignment with your goals and Permaculture Design for co-creating a habitat for life to thrive.  

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Antelope Food Forest – Learn more about this project >


Land Planning for elements like:

  • roads, trails & pathways
  • buildings, fencing & infrastructure
  • wildlife habitat
  • farm cultivation, agroforestry & other crop systems
  • animal paddocks
  • earthworks, ponds, rain gardens, water systems
  • kitchen gardens & food forests
  • windbreaks, noise/pollutant suppression & privacy
  • placemaking, social spaces & play areas
  • commercial & workspace areas
  • and more…

Working together from consultation to design, this extensive process can help better understand context of a site, create detailed development plans, increase time for client feedback, helping phase implementation, make optimal investment decisions, and ultimately minimizing waste throughout this entire process. Drafting a strong working plan prepares the foundation for implementation and documenting the project


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Antelope Food Forest Savanna InstituteTiny Diner  |  Bancroft Garden



Design Strategies

Water Wisdom 

Rainwater Capture – Rain Gardens – Earthworks: Swales, Ponds & Irrigation

Growing Food & Medicine

Kitchen Gardens – Mushroom Cultivation – Herbal Apothecary – Food Forests

Farming & Agroforestry

Market Farming, CSA’s, Forest Farming, Alley Cropping, Forest Gardening, Silvopasture, Windbreaks & Riparian Buffers

Animal Husbandry

Chickens, Ducks, Pheasant & Turkeys – Honey & Mason Bees – Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Cattle, Fish

Wildlife & Ecological Regeneration

Land, Soil & Water Bio/Myco-Remediation – Conservation Planning – Wildlife & Pollinator Habitat

Compost & Nutrient Cycling

Soil Building – Fertigation – Compost Tea


Land & Farm Transitions – Livelihood Consulting – Emergency Preparedness – Climate & Disaster Planning


Privacy & Pollutant Screening – Kid’s Gardens & Play areas – Natural Building, Pollinator Hotels, Little Free Library, Seed Library – Shade, Heat, & Windbreak solutions


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