Antelope Food Forest & Herb Farm



Time: Germinated in 2015  |  Location: Buffalo, MN  |  Size: 2 acres

The beginnings of the food forest is already producing thanks to some simple design strategies. The goal has been establishing slower growing species of perennial fruit & nut shrubs, herbs, fungi, and vegetables that are regionally resilient and low-maintenance over time. Until the canopy of these larger trees & shrubs fills in, we can grow many faster-growing crops in between like Garlic, Radish, Turnips, Peas, Squash, Beans, Corn, Sunflowers, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Raspberries, and more.



Most of these crops grow in abundance thanks to our rich soil and water harvesting strategies. These crops end up in our preserved foods like relishes, pickles, ferments, jams, vinegars, simple syrups, & more. The beginning of this project is relatively small, but as we observe & learn, we hope to adjust, replicate, & expand our design.

Site Design & Master Plan

This site design focuses on a high-yielding of food, medicine, & forage to support and provide an abundant habitat for humans & wildlife.

design shot

  • Food Forest – Alley Cropping, Contour Planting
  • Erosion/Lakeshore Stabilization
  • Kitchen Herb Garden
  • Perennial Plant Nursery
  • Regenerative Forestry Plan
  • Medicinal Herb Production w/ Living Hearth Herbal CSA
  • Forest Gardening – Mushroom/Woodland Flower Cultivation
  • Animal Integration
  • Water Catchment & Earthworks
  • Passive Solar design
  • more…

Kitchen Garden | Design & Implementation



The kitchen garden has tripled in its size and now allows more pathway space & raised mounded beds to provide better accessibility. Smaller crops grown in front allow sun to still reach back two rows of crops. Archway, fence, & overhead trellising allows more efficient use of growing space. View Garden Design >

  • 3 Sisters Plant Guild/Polyculture (Corn/Sunflowers, Beans, Squash)
  • Trellising includes perimeter fence, archway, overhead
  • Perennial perimeter bed of Currants, Gooseberries, Grapes, Honeyberries & more


Kitchen Garden |  Sheet mulching with abundant fall organic materials like leaves, grass, manure, broad-forking, and sowing cover crops. Ready to be planted into a rich beautiful soil in the Spring. Learn More >



Food Forest

Implementation & Planting  |  Phase 1 – Land surveying contour lines, digging swales on contour to capture water, shaping and planting into berms downhill from swales, planting fruit trees, shrubs, perennial and faster yielding annual vegetables in full sun until the canopy fills in. Learn More >



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Words from the Client & Project Partner:

“Cody of Land By Hand developed a professional plan that depicted all aspects of what was proposed to implement. The plan made it easy to visualize the finished product. We are very pleased with what Cody was able to achieve with what was under-utilized vacant space. They have also developed step by step process for the maintenance of our plots to keep them productive and healthy. It is a pleasure to pick fresh foods from our garden for nutritious delicious meals with the assurance that they are free of any chemicals.” ~ Joel

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