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The Art of Growing Organic Fruit Series @ Tiny Diner

The Art of Growing Organic Fruit is a 6 part seasonal workshop series exploring the cultivation of fruit trees, shrubs & other perennial edibles for our Northern climate. Each workshop in the series will focus on building skills to tend our plants with a Permacultural approach including Pruning, Propagation, Grafting, Planting, Design, Maintenance, Organic Pest/Disease Management, Harvest, Crop Swaps, Winter Clean-up & more. All experience levels welcome to get started growing food, share our collective successes, swap resilient & delicious plant varieties and celebrate the beautiful abundance of perennial food. ‘As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is right now!’ 2018 Season –  Learn More & Sign Up here >

more Summer Workshops @ Tiny Diner

Fungi Alchemy | Explore the biology, history, & techniques of working with Mushrooms as food, medicine, and for ecological regeneration.

Pollinator Hotel How-To | Learn about the many types of bees and other pollinators that help us grow our fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more!

Intro to Permaculture | Looking at the history, principles, & ethics – we will give examples of how you can incorporate permaculture into your own life. (Taught by certified Permaculturalists, Andrea Eger & Cody Mastel)

Kids Camp: Herbs, Weeds, & Edible Flowers | Even in the city, edible and medicinal plants surround us every day. During this class, kids and their families will learn about the plants, weeds and flowers they see in their yard, parks, playgrounds and while walking down the street.

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Sacred Earth Retreat @ Antelope Food Forest & Herb Farm


To celebrate the summer solstice and our beautiful earth, we are grateful to gather in the spirit of community, be together among our healing plant allies & share skills for building regenerative lifestyles.

SATURDAY JUNE 23, 2018  Learn More & RSVP >


Open Hearth PDC | Learn More >

Open Hearth is our Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) apprenticeship exploring the resilient culture, communities, & skills of the Upper Midwest bioregion through an entire growing season. Join us as a PDC student or partner with us for a project! SPRING 2018  Learn More >


Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side is a monthly group walk to explore the food, medicine, ecology, craft & folklore of our Midwest flora & fauna. Each month’s theme is inspired by the season. Free to participate and all are welcome to learn, share & observe the wild beauty all around us. Sharing wisdom & suggestions highly encouraged! Donations always welcome and appreciated. Learn More >


University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Permaculture Design for your Property | Exploring the amazing abundance that can be created, tapped into, and harvested using this holistic design process called Permaculture. Starting with an overview of Permaculture concepts and moving quickly into practical application for your own property – this series will help you develop a realistic permaculture design that fits into your home, landscape, & lifestyle. Each of the workshops will provide a balance of presentation and activities to help apply these tools towards students’ current or future homesteads. MARCH 2018 Register Here >


Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms |  Explore the biology, history, & techniques of working with Mushrooms as food, medicine, and for ecological regeneration.  SUMMER 2018 Register Here >


Minneapolis Community & Technical College – Continuing Ed

Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Business Design | What is regenerative design and what is its importance in how we create, grow & adapt our businesses? This course explores the intersection of business and sustainability by integrating Whole Systems thinking and the techniques, principles, and ethics of designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, psychologists, and educators. FALL


Minneapolis Community Ed

The Funk of Fermentation | Learn the basics of fermentation with many types of foods & drinks! Hands-on cutting, mixing, and/or blending ingredients as a group to take home your own ferments! Special emphasis on medicinal, seasonal, & local ferments like Beet Kvass, Kombucha, Herbal Elixirs, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Fire Cider. ONGOING Browse Here >

~ What our students say ~

“Very Informative Class! Cody is very knowledgable and great presenter.” – Rachel

“An open-minded presentation that brought together so many different considerations!” – Bev

“Super Informative. Personable, friendly & pleasant presentation style!” – Luke

“Great visuals, great class!” – Alex

“Good introduction & translation of complex material.” – Fred

“Cody was an excellent instructor. I feel much more confident going into my own project!” – Aaron

“Very helpful class – covered wide range of ideas and helped material seem more accessible.” – Jess

“Love the take-away gifts at end of workshop!” – Sara

“Very detailed & informative. Feel motivated to ferment everything.” – Dagmar

“Awesome class! Cody is very generous with his knowledge, sharing his slides & SCOBY’s for kombucha!” – Rachel

“Inspired” – Mark

“Fun class & great for all experience levels!” – Kari


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