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2017 Open Hearth PDC Apprenticeship

Open Hearth is a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) apprenticeship exploring the resilient culture, communities, & skills of the Upper Midwest bioregion through an entire growing season.

Dates: 4/1/17 – 10/10/17

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For the most up to date information, please check out our Facebook calendar >

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Summer / Fall 2016 >


In this new skill-share series, we will explore several hands-on methods of preserving local fruit, vegetables, herbs, fungi & more at the peak of their season to keep us healthy through the fall & winter months. Workshops are partial lecture, partial hands-on activities. Techniques covered will include Harvesting, Storing, Fermenting, Pickling, Canning, Drying, Infusing, Freezing & more.
Class 1 – Slow Jams
Integrating Fruits, vegetables, & herbs
Time: 6:30-8:30PM  |  Date: 8/17
Class 2 – Pickling
Veggie/fruit pickles, relish, etc...
Time: 6:30-8:30PM  |  Date: 8/24
Class 3 – Fermentation
Food, Drinks, Vinegars
Time: 6:30-8:30PM  |  Date: 9/7
Class 4 – Dehydration
Teas, Spices, & Powders
Time: 6:30-8:30PM  |  Date: 9/21
Class 5 – Infusion
Syrups, Elixirs, Vinegars
Time: 6:30-8:30PM  |  Date: 10/5
Price: $15 per workshop Price of each workshop includes a take-home jar of crafted food/drink of that workshop & also presentation slides w/ recipes, techniques, & resources.
Address: All workshops held at the Farmhouse, 3957 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Past Workshops

Shiitake Happens: Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

In this skillshare series, we will explore several hands on methods of growing edible & medicinal mushrooms that are suited for all levels of experience. Learn how to get started growing & propagating Fungi while utilizing local ‘waste stream’ materials. 

Class 1: Intro & Shiitake Log Inoculation
Time: 1- 3pm
Date: Saturday July 9th
Class 2: Oyster Mushroom Cultivation 
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Date: Wednesday July 13th
Class 3: Wine Caps (Garden Giant) Mushroom Beds
Time: 1-3pm
Date: Saturday July 23rd

Price: $10 – $15 a class / $30-$40 Series (pay what you can sliding scale)

Address: All Classes will be held at the Farmhouse, 3957 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Check out this video excerpt from the feature documentary by Louie Schwartzberg following notable mycologist, Paul Stamets, as he discusses the important role mushrooms play in the survival and health of the earth and human species.

Funk of Fermentation @ Ramsey School, Mpls, MN

Learn the basics of fermentation before you cut, mix and blend ingredients to take home your own ferments. The class will put special emphasis on medicinal herb ferments like beet kvass, herbal elixirs, kombucha, krauts and fire cider.

Class 1: Wildcrafted Herbal Elixirs
Time: 6:30-8:30
Date: Tuesday, April 12
Class 2: Kimchi 
Time: 6:30-8:30
Date: Tuesday, July 19
More info & register on the MPLS Community Ed website.

Examples of Workshop Topics

Hands-on Workshops / Skillshares / Activities

  • Funk of Fermentation / the art of Preservation
  • Screen-printing on the Cheap / Print your own!
  • Art making: Murals, Sculptures, Macrame
  • Cooking with Kids
  • Eat your Yard! Edible Landscaping
  • Herbalism
  • Natural Dyeing, Grow your Dyes!
  • Ephemeral Art & Sculpture
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Repair your City! Placemaking 101
  • Urban Foraging & Plant Walks
  • Tree Planting
  • CIY: Compost it Yourself!
  • The Art of Flower Arrangement
  • Seed Starting & Seed Saving
  • and more…

Contact us to learn more about facilitating events/workshops for individuals or groups of all ages at a local business, church, community center, farmer markets, or your home.

Past Events

5/22, 9am to 1pm (come anytime) | Designing Abundance & Seedball Making  @ the Wedge Table Spring Seedling Plant Sale

Learn tips & tricks to maximize your gardens, landscape, and harvest this growing season. We will have some plants, seedballs, and merchandise available for sale.

Wedge Table, 2412 Nicollet Ave, Whittier Neighborhood, Minneapolis, MN | More info >


Earth Week 2016 | April 17 – 23

Earth Day can create a bit of guilt in some folks these days about their lifestyles – with all the talk of things like climate change, oil spills, plastic bags, and deforestation – but how can we make any positive change through judgement, fear, guilt, and a constant bombardment of problems?

Let’s celebrate the abundance of skills, resources, and energy of Mother Earth and her inhabitants this year by learning solutions; on a local & global scale – through hands on projects, bike tours, drinking local brews, foraging, crafting medicine, thriftin’, restoring habitat, and of course enjoying delicious food, together.
All are welcome. We look forward to celebrating our mama earth with you!

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