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Open Hearth PDC Apprenticeship

Open Hearth is a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) apprenticeship exploring the resilient culture, communities, & skills of the Upper Midwest bioregion through an entire growing season.

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Are you interested in learning local skills? We organize and facilitate a variety of experiential workshops around the Twin Cities to all who might listen, act, & share with others. Help us inoculate the community with resilience!

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We are constantly evolving our workshop/event offerings and would love your input on what subjects you would like to learn more about, events you would like to attend, improving accessibility, and anything else you want to share with us!

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We love to share our experience at events, schools, businesses, and more. Check out this brochure & reach out to us if it sounds like a good fit!

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Do you have skills, experience, or an idea you might like to share with your community? Expand your skill set and connect by sharing with others. We can help to find a space, you bring the skills – all skill/experience levels are encouraged!

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