What you can expect from our Implementation services

  • Clear Communication and Project Updates in your chosen form (in-person, phone, email)
  • Client-Approved Decision Making if changes need to be made to our plan
  • Flexibility in scheduling when we work at your project site
  • Professional work with a warranty for repair & support should you need it (ask for more details)

Browse some examples of our past work below


Yard-to-Garden Expansion  |  Expanding garden by sheet mulching, broad-forking, and sowing cover crops in the Fall. Ready to be planted into in the Spring. Learn More >


Fruit Tree Polyculture Planting  |  A plant community that supports each other including a Haralson Apple Tree (Edible Fruit), Comfrey (Nutrients/Weed barrier), Daffodil (Insectory/Cut Flower), Lupine (Nitrogen Fixer/Cut Flower), and Alpine Strawberry (Edible Fruit/Groundcover) Learn More >


Kids Sensory Garden | Using locally sourced natural materials: Plum Tree wood for wattle weaving fence/trellis, Bamboo for trellis and gateway, Driftwood and stone for bed perimeters, wood chip mulch for pathways. Inplemented at a retreat center/resort for guests children to interact, learn, plant, and harvest vegetables like Snap Peas, Onions, Carrots, Kale, and many flowers. Learn More >


Fungi Cultivation | Thinning trees out of crowded forest areas and cultivating edible/medicinal mushrooms on them. Pictures show substrate prep for growing Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooms. Learn More >


Food Forest Design, Implement, & Planting  |  Phase 1 – Land surveying contour lines, digging swales on contour to capture water, shaping and planting into berms downhill from swales, planting fruit trees, shrubs, perennial and faster yielding annual vegetables in full sun until the canopy fills in. Learn More >


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