Tired of maintaining a high-energy, low-yielding landscape; buying expensive, low quality produce from the store; or simply seeking a beautiful, functional outdoor space to share with your friends, family & neighbors? We can help.

Our Yard-to-Garden service* will design and implement a garden integrated into your landscape this upcoming Spring, Summer, or Fall. With our expertise you can enjoy the beauty and harvest of fresh & nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, cut-flowers, and herbs throughout the growing season that require minimum inputs of material, energy, and labor. We offer complete customization to find the best solution that works for your goals, budget, and experience. For a Free Consultation & Estimate, please complete our Project Questionnaire below.

Yard-to-Garden  | Depending on the site,  our services can include:

  • Siting the Garden
  • Garden Size, Type, & Layout options
  • Materials & Supplies Needed
  • Material Removal (if applicable)
  • Soil Preparation
  • Soil Fertility Test, Analysis, & Recommendations
  • Soil Amendments & Compost Application
  • Custom Garden Design & Planting Schedule
  • Coaching, Planting, & Care Instruction & Support**
  • Garden Maintenance (Scheduled)
*This service is provided for MN / WI customers within Twin Cities extended area.
**Includes follow-up site visit or phone call support (1hr)