Yard Alchemy

What’s this all about?

Alchemy /ˈalkəmē/ : Defined as the transmutation of base materials into nobler ones such as gold. Yard Alchemy : The transformation of free, abundant, & widely available organic materials in your yard into a substance more valuable than gold; rich living soil.

In Autumn, leaves will fall, grass will rot, and wood chips will be consumed by fungi. Instead of raking, mowing, tidying, trimming & removing these rich organic materials this year we offer an alternative solution…

We can clean up your yard, gardens, or boulevard this fall and transform these abundant organic materials along with amendments & fungi into rich soil to support a new or existing gardens.

Why does keeping these materials matter?
When you remove these materials from your yard, the companies who pick it up will sell it back to you at a premium price in the form of lifeless compost & soil – not to mention the time to rake, trim, and fill the materials into their neat paper bags.  Let’s consider cutting out the middle-person here; saving money, time, & energy by looking to nature for inspiration…

But why start a garden in the Fall?

Fall is nature’s way of returning nutrients to the soil that supports healthy trees, shrubs, plants, fungi, and the millions of micro-organisms. We can mimic and harness this beautiful closed loop process to create:

  • Rich, diverse, nutrient dense & fluffy soil that retains water

  • Winter protection from the harsh weather

  • A ready-to-plant space in Autumn or Spring

  • Mulched space that suppresses competitive plants (‘weeds’)

This short video explains soil building through Sheet Mulching:

What kind of garden?

Any kind. Whether you’re interested in growing vegetables, flowers, native prairie, fungi, herbs, fruit, nuts, trees, or shrubs we can customize the materials & technique to highly benefit your growing space(s). Fall is an amazing time to plant perennial shrubs & trees as a lot more energy goes into root growth.

What types of yard maintenance?

  • Raking leaves
  • Pruning / Grafting trees & shrubs
  • Assessing Plant & Tree Disease
  • Boulevard & Garden cleanups
  • & browse more here >

What if I already have gardens?
We can also add natural materials, compost, and amendments to your existing gardens that will help put these spaces to sleep for the long winter; thus protecting & regenerating the soil that nourishes your plants.

What if I don’t have any leaves that fall in my yard?
We can talk to your neighbors and expand outwards from there for excess materials. We can also use grass, pruned branches, straw & more to supplement as needed.

How do I learn more or get started?
We provide site-visits & estimates to help you decide what options might work best.