Water Wisdom

Water is life. Let’s use it wisely and reap the harvest falling freely from the sky! We provide several effective techniques to retrofit homes and landscapes for the age of water wisdom.

  • Capture rainwater by Slowing, Spreading, and Sinking it into your landscape where you need it, move it away from where you don’t
  • Reduce erosion & basement floods or leaks
  • Reduce storm-water runoff that carries pollutants to our streams, rivers, and oceans

   rain barrels rainbarrel10

Rain Barrels | 54 Gallon | Design & Implementation | Custom options/sizing also available

  • Brown flat-back design recycled plastic barrels that fit snug against a wall
  • Includes installation and all hardware: filter, hose & valve, overflow hose, platform
  • Discounts available when you order 2 or more for increased storage capacity


Pollinator_Garden_Sun-Part-Dry-Moist_in_Pages-page-001_1024x1024.jpg rain-gardens-design.jpg

Rain Gardens | custom sizing | Design, Implementation, & Planting

  • Professional design customized to your site; enjoy beautiful and low-maintenance native plant species blooming Spring through Fall, support pollinator habitat
  • Design includes layout, plant list & timeline, & resources;
  • Implementation can include construction, plants, delivery of materials, planting, & maintenance



Dry Creek Beds | custom sizing | Design, Implementation, & Planting

  • Reduce erosion and redirect the heavy flow of rainwater from your downspouts
  • Natural creek bed design customized to your site; we can utilize many choices of hardscaping materials found locally or match existing material on-site to integrate natural beauty into your landscape
  • Design includes layout, rainwater volume calculation, material selections 
  • Implementation can include construction, delivery of materials, & maintenance


Earthworks | custom sizing | Design, Implementation, & Planting

  • Slow, Spread, & Sink water falling onto and moving across your landscape by digging Swales (trenches) on contour in your soil
  • Greatly reduce erosion and redirect the heavy flow of rainwater to the shrubs & trees that need it the most
  • Low-maintenance watering by planting trees & shrubs into a Berm (raised soil) on the down-slope side; encouraging water retention & deep root growth
  • Build soil fertility & create micro-climates by increasing surface area, allowing more oxygen & water to infiltrate
  • Design can include mapping contour lines, size recommendations, implementation planning, complete design, & plant lists
  • Implementation can include excavation, seeding & planting, delivery of additional materials, & maintenance


Rainwater is free, better for your plants, and abundant: For every 1,000 sq ft of roof area, 1 inch of rain will yield about 600 gallons of water. Precipitation in the Twin Cities is roughly 30 inches a year; that’s about 18,000 gal/1,000 sq ft a year!