Our Food & Craft

We grow, forage, & transform the seasonal plant, animal, & fungi queendoms of our bio-region into small batches of solar deliciousness

2017 Season Update

In the 2017 season, we decided to focus more on our Education programs & projects. We may continue to offer some of these items and many more in the future!

Our Slow Jams

Low & slow cooked jam is simple; more flavor of the fruit, a lot less sugar. Because of this slow jam method, most of our jams have no need for additional pectin and gel naturally. For the fruits that do need it, we use Pomona’s Pectin or Chia Seeds; neither of which provide any additional sugar.

Our Ferments

Ferments are packed with living, beneficial bacteria to re-populate your gut with magic and help preserve local foods through the winter. We are constantly experimenting with new ferments of our local fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fungi. Fermentation is our history & culture everywhere you look in the world; chance are you already have consumed a fermented food or drink today…

Our Pickles

Although fermentation is our favorite method of preservation, pickling still remains close to our hearts and delicious in our stomach. Sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, salty deliciousness.

Our Vinegars & Syrups

Utilizing a combination of fresh & leftover fruit from jam-making, we craft infused vinegars & syrups. These infusions work great for flavoring salad dressing, instant sodas w/ sparkling water, or cocktails.



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Cottage foods produced at home and not subject to state inspection.