Consulting with professionals can save time, prevent costly mistakes, and bring in a fresh perspective. We can answer your questions, identify opportunities, provide feedback & resources, and help you get your ideas organized. To get started, please complete our Project Request Form > and we can move forward from there with a free phone conversation.

Site Visit Consultation & Project Estimate  

  • Big Picture: Project Goals
  • Logistics: Budget, Timeline, & Resources
  • Getting Started: Our work process, pricing estimates, moving forward

What’s Included? | Project Request form review and site visit to discuss your site, project ideas, goals, and budget – we then will provide a free estimate of your project ideas and many examples for inspiration, no strings attached. The cost of a site visit & consultation is $45-$60 depending on your location and usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. This cost can also be deducted from your project should you choose to hire us!


Extended Consultation | In-Person Site Visit*/ By Phone or Skype

  • Identify: Opportunities & Challenges of your Landscape
  • Getting Started: Organize & Prioritize!
  • Achieve your Project Goals: Implementation Resources, Exact Pricing, & Info

What’s Included? | Extended consultation services beyond the basic options noted above can include further research, local/online resources, implementation schedule, analysis of maps available like aerial images, topography, measurements, plant/tree ID, water flow,  zones of use, soil info, parcel maps, plant lists, and availability by email/phone/in-person* answering/clarifying any additional questions you may have.**

For actual design of your landscape or project ideas, please read more about our Design Services >

*Additional travel cost may apply depending on distance from Twin Cities service area. **All Consultation services including research, discussion by phone/email/in-person time will be billed at hourly rate noted above.


To get started, please complete our project request form to schedule a free phone conversation