What you can expect from our Design, Consultation, & Master Planning services

  • Professional Digital Mapping of your Project Site to scale (design concepts, topography, aerial imagery, water flow, parcel maps, vegetation, sun, soil, zones of use, sectors, and more)
  • Access to Plant Lists & Details custom to your site’s specific requirements like climate, soil, sun, water, and more
  • Local & Regional Resources for education, materials, supplies, tools, and more
  • Creating and prioritizing an Implementation & Planting Schedule that fits your goals & budget
  • A comprehensive and holistic design process that integrates and collaborates with the lifestyles of clients & stakeholders
  • Experienced advice and instruction on diagnosing and providing solutions to your issues in the landscape
  • Master Planning including an extensive Site Assessment with information about project site history, climate, geology, watersheds, and more

Browse some past examples of our work below


design-antelope-thumbnail    master_plan_img.png

Antelope Food Forest | Winter 2015 | Learn more about this ongoing project >

  • Food Forest
  • Erosion/Shore Stabilization
  • Kitchen Herb Garden
  • Mushroom/Ginseng Cultivation
  • Animal Integration
  • Water Catchment
  • more…

“Land By Hand developed a professional plan online that depicted all aspects of what they proposed to implement. The plan made it easy to visualize the finished product. We are very pleased with what Land By Hand was able to achieve with what was un-utilized vacant space. They have also developed step by step process for the maintenance of our plots to keep them productive and healthy. It is a pleasure to pick fresh foods from our garden for nutritious delicious meals with the assurance that they are free of any chemicals.” Joel


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