We are grateful to have many friends in the Twin Cities & extended Midwest region doing amazing work!

Koby Jeschkeit-HagenSeed Sages
Connie Carlson | UMN Extension Service
Mike Lilja | MN Sustainable Farming Association / Nature’s Folly Farm
Kim Bartmann & CoTiny Diner
Andy Pham, David Senn | Sister’s Camelot
Johanna O’Tea | Tea for the People / Wild Farmacy
Leslie Mackenzie | Transition Longfellow
Wil & Carly Crombie | Organic Compound
Eric Sannerud | Mighty Axe Hops
Katie Myhre | RED Food
Nikki Warner | The Good Acre
Wayne Weiseman | Permaculture Project
Peter McCoy | Radical Mycology
SFA Member since 2015

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