Our Ethics

Our process is rooted in the ethics of Permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for the People, and Fair Share of the Abundance. These ethics overlap how we measure our impact with a triple bottom line: Health of the Planet, Health of the People, and Profit (abundance) to grow and remain effective. The ethics, principles, and processes of Permaculture are focused on meeting human needs through ecological and regenerative design that can eventually benefit our whole systems.

Where & What We Do

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Land by Hand provides a variety of services to co-create holistic, regenerative, and harmonious habitat for humans, wildlife, and their ecosystem communities. We also emphasize creative Placemaking & accessible community education to facilitate thriving, inclusive, and interconnected communities. We strive to achieve these goals by a collaborative design & implementation process that is adaptable, scalable, and constantly evolving to fit the needs of our fellow Earth-Healers. Our services are currently available in the Upper Midwest bio-region.

How We Work

So at Land by Hand, you do everything by hand, right? Not exactly – we use the right tool for the job; this is the concept of ‘Appropriate Technology’ in a nutshell. We apply knowledge, skills, and tools when they are considered to be appropriate for a given situation. In the long term, we design and implement transitional systems to be sustained with minimal inputs, particularly from non-renewable resources. These systems should also be understood, repairable, rebuildable, and recyclable by the people using them. By utilizing the principles of permaculture, we employ chemical-free growing methods and by applying Permaculture principles have “Beyond Organic” standards that create habitat for more than just humans. 


We grew up immersed in nature; learning and exploring the outdoors. Somehow things changed as we grew older. After many scenic routes, wrong turns, and dead ends, we have found a path to return to the lands that sustain us, listening to, learning from, and healing our Earth Mother. There is a place for all in this intricate web and much abundance to be shared. The way forward is a gentle balance of work and play. Many hands make light work. Let’s get started, together.

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