Permaculture vs. Landscaping


Aesthetic Human-Focused Landscaping (the relatively new traditional way) Functional, Diverse & Native Focused Landscaping (Permaculture, or the old way of doing things). I found this short article that summarizes some crucial differences between Permaculture Design & Traditional Landscaping.

“…the maintenance of a large lawn will require frequent mows (a waste of energy, time and money), and, to keep its greenness, fertilizer (since we obtusely insist on bagging and wasting grass clippings), progressively impoverishing the soil. With high costs and absolutely no possible uses this yard does not have a very good cost-benefit relation.”


“…traditional landscaping’s primary goal is usually aesthetics and the design is optimized for things such as ease of maintenance, accessibility, privacy, costs, etc. However, traditional landscaping rarely bothers to include non-human uses in the designed environment. That is a big oversight – but one that creates a huge opportunities for permaculture designers.

Check the article out here >


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