Connecting heads, hearts & hands to the land


We discover the interwoven stories of connection between people and place through an adaptive, living & regenerative design process that shifts our awareness towards relation. 

Gathering ongoing feedback throughout this work, we welcome nature as our guide in cultivating awareness in our lives and creating habitat for all of life to thrive.

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Design for your Life

Cultivating regenerative livelihoods that grow in value & abundance


We help guide the journey of starting where you are and discovering how to get where you would like to be

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Learn & Explore with Us

Building community resilience and growing a deeper relationship to home & hearth


We tap into the wisdom and experience of community to facilitate experiential learning through our Open Hearth PDC, share our story through speaking engagements & reconnecting the village with our farm & school: Living Hearth

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About Us

Get to know us a little better…

Megan & Cody

we are Farmers, Designers, Artists & Educators germinated, rooted & growing in the Upper Midwest


We build Community

we strive to weave a beautiful, supportive web through collaboration & mutually beneficial relationships with our clients & partners


We help tell the story

through a variety of media like writing, photography, video, design & artwork


What others say

“Megan & Cody are highly knowledgeable about permaculture principles and also live within them. It is as if they are each radiant light ready to pass on what they know to make this world the best place it can be. The care they have for all souls is eminent. They are loving and kind. They teach from this as well as guide through offering resources, challenging with questions, and leading by example.”


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Connect with Us

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